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Custom fit, American made, high quality nylon blend seat covers from Ruff Tuff Products protect your vehicle's interior while providing you with easy to care for comfort and beauty. Few things can bring down the value of a car or truck the way a damaged interior can. You can protect your vehicle's original interior or cover up previous damage with Ruff Tuff Dura EZ-Care nylon blend seat covers that are guaranteed to fit like a glove. Ruff Tuff seat covers are not mass produced assembly line products. Ruff Tuff Products' Dura EZ-care nylon blend seat covers are custom designed to fit your vehicle's exact specifications and are available in a variety of popular colors.The Dura EZ-Care nylon blend material wears like iron and fits like a glove. It is 600/1000 denier polyester/nylon blend with a urethane coating. It is highly water and abrasion resistant, making it an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts, people with children and pets, and the person working every day out of their vehicle. It cleans easily with a damp cloth.Ruff Tuff products are well known for being the best. Instead of constantly replacing poorly fitting, mass-produced seat covers that tend to snag, sag and slip, invest in the long-term protection and appearance of your vehicle with custom fit Dura EZ-Care nylon blend seat covers from Ruff Tuff Products.If there is a manufacturing error with your order, Ruff Tuff Products will supervise your re-order, placing it at the front of the manufacturing process to ensure a rapid completion time. You won't find this type of dedication to quality or service anywhere else. These seat covers also come with a flame retardant foam padding with a scrim backing giving you optimal comfort and protection for your seats.You can also combine Dura EZ-Care nylon blend with our Velour, Sof-Touch simulated leather, or with our Camo offering you superior customization of your custom seat covers.Care Instructions: Use damp cloth or light brush to get stain out.
Available Colors
D01 Black
D03 Navy
D11 Red
D13 Silver Gray
D26 Charcoal
D29 Taupe
D36 Sand
Available Trim Fabrics
C52 Moon Shine Harvest Moon
C53 Moon Shine Undertow
C54 Moon Shine Toxic
C55 Moon Shine Wildfire
C56 Moon Shine Muddy Girl
C57 Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades
C58 Realtree Max-5 HD
C59 Mossy Oak NB Country
C63 Realtree Xtra
C64 Realtree MAX-4 HD
C67 Mossy Oak New Breakup
C69 Realtree AP Snow
C70 Kryptek Highlander
C71 Kryptek Typhon
C78 Universal Digital Camo
Carbon Fiber
F01 Black
F11 Red
F13 Silver
F16 Flint
F20 Mocha
F24 Toast
D01 Black
D03 Navy
D11 Red
D13 Silver Gray
D26 Charcoal
D29 Taupe
D36 Sand
S01 Black
S04 - Brown
S14 Medium Gray
S26 Charcoal
S34 Salsa
S35 Sandstone
V01 Black
V03 Navy
V04 Brown
V12 Tan
V13 Silver Gray
V21 Ocean Blue Stripe
V22 Ocean Blue Solid
V23 Toast Stripe
V24 Toast Solid
V25 Charcoal Gray Stripe
V26 Charcoal Gray Solid
V27 Brick Stripe
V28 Brick Solid
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