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How Seat Covers Are Made
Before Placing an Order Before you begin to order you will need to know the following: Year, Make, and Model of your vehicle. In addition you'll want to have an idea of the type of seats in your vehicle. When ordering be sure about the answers you give, don't guess, these are a custom made product. If you are unsure of what is being asked you can email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Placing an Order When ready to order, go to the Design Seat Covers for your Vehicle page and enter in the specifics of the seat covers being ordered into the order form. If there are multiple patterns for the vehicle these patterns will be listed. Be sure to double check all information requested as it may impact the pattern we use when making the seat cover.
Checking the Order After the order has been placed, it comes into our ordering software. An experienced person looks over the order to ensure that there are no questions on the order and that we have the pattern for the custom seat covers you ordered. If we have the pattern we send the order to our order queue to wait for it's turn to be cut. If we do not have the pattern we let the customer know that we will have to get a pattern made for the vehicle, it is then sent to the pattern department. At the pattern department we send a person out to physically measure the seat. Once the seat is measured we take those measurements and shoot them into our pattern software ensuring an exact fit every time. These orders will take longer because we have to get the pattern. Once the pattern is shot into the pattern software it is nested using a program to ensure the maximum usage by type of fabric. This allows the cutters to process the orders through quickly and efficiently. This order is now ready to be put in line to be cut.
Cutting the Order Orders in the queue to be cut wait by order date until it is their turn to be cut. When the order is ready to be cut, our experienced cutters will pull the pattern up in the system and cut the pattern specific for that seat based on the specific information provided at the time of the order.
Gluing and Quilting Pattern The seating portion of the custom seat cover is sent over to the gluing station where high quality glue is used to attach the material to the 3/8 inch high quality flame retardant foam. Once the glue is dried all the custom seat cover pieces are sent on to be cut down to the specific sizes at the cutting machine. The foam pieces are now ready to be marked for the quilting pattern and then sent to sering.
Sewing the Custom Seat Cover When the pieces of the custom seat cover arrive at the sewing department they are assembled and sewn together. The seams are backed at stress areas and the edges are finished to give the custom seat covers a nice finished look to them. Once all of the pieces are finished the custom seat cover is sent to the Quality Control (QC) Area
Quality Control When the custom seat cover arrives in the Quality Control area, an experienced QC person looks over the order to make sure all the accessories are there and that the custom seat cover was sewn together correctly. It is then packaged and sent to Shipping.
Shipping the Order When the custom seat cover finishes at Quality Control it is sent over to the shipping department where the order is packaged and boxed. The orders are shipped out via UPS normally but can be sent out via USPS when necessary.
Installing the Custom Seat Cover When you receive your custom seat cover all that remains is installing the custom seat covers. Follow the instructions provided with the custom seat cover to see how to properly install your custom seat cover.
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