Other Seat Features

Identifying Your Seats


In some vehicles, the front passenger backrest (not the driver backrest) folds completely flat toward the dash to serve as a work surface or to accommodate cargo. If we need to know about this feature in your vehicle to make your seat covers correctly, we’ll ask.

2012 Cadillac SRX custom seat covers

Leg Extenders

If your seats have leg extenders, be sure to select the seat variation that includes them.

Open Backs

If you see a reference to “open back” in our seat information for your vehicle, it doesn’t mean the seat itself has an open back. It means that, because of the seat design, we design the seat cover with an open back. Rear pockets are not an option with open-back seat covers.

Other Details

Some newer vehicles have active headrests, a safety feature, with electrical wires running to them, making them non-removable. We can cover active headrests, but they require a different pattern. Be sure to tell us if you have them.

If you’re not sure whether you have active headrests, look at the back of the headrests. Most active headrests have hard plastic on the back (see image). Feel free to call Ruff Tuff for further help.

Some vehicles have a storage compartment inside the front passenger seat, below the seat cushion. This affects seat cover design, so we’ll ask, if it applies to your vehicle.