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Installation & Care


Care Instructions

For Saddle Blanket, Velour, and Tweed: Hand wash the custom seat covers in cold water, using mild detergent. Drip-dry only. No bleach or bleach products.

Dura EZ Care and Camo use a damp cloth or light brush to get the stains out of the custom seat covers.

Carbon Fiber, Exotics, Sof-Touch, and Perforated Sof-Touch: For light soiling, use a solution of 10% household dish soap in warm water applied with a soft damp cloth to the custom seat covers.

For custom seat covers with heavy soiling, dampen a soft cloth with a one to one solution of Fantastik/water or Formula 409 / water. Rub the custom seat covers gently. Rinse with a water dampened cloth.

Do not use alcohol based cleaning agents on any Ruff Tuff custom seat covers.

Download Standard Installation Instructions Download Modified Installation Instructions Download Rear Installation Instructions

Warranty & Returns

Need help or you are just not satisfied?

Please be sure to call us at 800-453-8830. Our aim is to have every customer become a satisfied customer. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Ruff Tuff Products will warrant against defect in workmanship and material for one year from the date of purchase. Ruff Tuff does not warrant against color change, light fastness or fading. This warranty is limited to repair and replacement only. This warranty will be honored only if the defective item is returned along with the original sales receipt. Ruff Tuff’s liability shall not exceed the replacement or repair cost of the merchandise. The product may be repaired at Ruff Tuff’s discretion.

Items may be returned during the first year after shipment for credit as follows:

  • Factory Defect or Error
  • Customer Ordering Error: All orders are custom made for each individual customer.
  • Credit, under these circumstances, will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Unusual custom orders of unusual color combinations or very rare/old vehicles may be given no credit.
  • All items for return must be accompanied by an invoice and must have a Return Goods Number (RG#). This must be obtained by calling customer service at 800-453-8830.

Heated and Air Conditioned/Cooled Seats

Ruff Tuff seat covers may impact the performance of heated and air-conditioned seats. While there is a minimal difference in heated seats, the impact is much more noticeable in air-conditioned seats.

Seat-Mounted Airbags

Warning: You must not obstruct the deployment of the impact airbags. If your seat has airbags and your seat cover has not been properly modified either with velcro or a cutout, DO NOT INSTALL this custom seat cover. It could interfere with the deployment of the airbags. Please call the company at 800-453-8830 for more information. We will make the necessary modifications to accommodate the airbags in your custom seat covers.

Warning: The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration recommends that passengers under the age of 12 not travel in the front seat of motor vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration also requires new light-duty vehicles to be equipped with advanced airbag sensors that detect a front passenger’s body weight. In case of a frontal crash, if a front passenger’s body weight is less than 70 pounds, a sensor deactivates airbag deployment to avoid causing death or serious injury that may result from the force of an airbag deployment.

The extra weight of an aftermarket seat cover may be detected by an advanced airbag sensor as part of a passenger’s body weight. This extra weight could cause an airbag to deploy in case of a frontal crash if a person’s body weight is slightly less than 70 pounds because the sensor may add the aftermarket seat cover’s weight to that of the passenger and thus assume that a front passenger’s body weight is actually more than 70 pounds. A front passenger airbag may cause death or serious injury to a person who weighs less than 70 pounds.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to know before I start an order for a custom seat cover?

    • Make, year, model, and type, i.e. Super Duty, Regular Cab, Extended Cab, etc.
    • What seat style do you have? Buckets? Split bench? 40/20/40? Be sure to look very carefully. Do not assume that you know.
    • Do you have seat-mounted air bags in the backrests or anywhere else in the seats?
    • Were the original seats cloth or leather?
    • What fabrics and colors do you want?
    • Do you want headrest covers, armrest covers and/or pockets?
    • Are these the original equipment seats?
    • Do you have levers or knobs on the driver’s side bottom? Passenger’s side bottom? Driver’s side backrest? Passenger’s side backrest? Do you have any other latches or levers that we need to know about?
    • Do your headrests move up and down or are they part of the backrest?
    • Do you have seat belts that pull directly out of the backrests?
  • If I cannot determine what seat style I have, or they are not the original seats, what should I do?

    Please email, or call 1-800-453-8830.

  • Will the custom seat cover that I order replace my existing covers?

    Ruff Tuff seat covers are designed to go over the existing fabric on your seats. Our covers are not upholstery, and you should not take off the existing fabric.

  • I’m not sure what fabric or colors I want. What should I do?

    Please email us the fabrics that interest you. We will be happy to send samples. Remember that all computer monitors are adjusted differently, so actual colors may vary. If you’re unsure about a color or fabric, please request a sample.

  • Can I install the custom seat covers myself?

    Yes. Installation instructions are sent with each seat cover. You can also refer to the how-to videos on our website. If you get stuck, feel free to call or email.

  • Are OEM fabrics available?

    OEM fabrics are the fabrics on your seats when you buy from a dealer. We do not offer these fabrics. We do, however, have a very wide selection of fabrics and colors that should meet your needs and taste.

  • What is the best fabric for pets?

    Dura EZ Care and the camouflage materials are made from canvas-type material. Claws will not scratch this material and it can be cleaned with a mild cleanser. Carbon Fiber and Sof-Touch are both very high quality vinyl. They clean easily with a damp cloth.

  • What is the best fabric for kids?

    If you like the feel of leather, go with the Sof-Touch. It cleans easily with a damp cloth. If you prefer cloth, try Dura EZ Care or Camo. Carbon Fiber is another good option.

  • I have pockets on the back of my front seats. Will I have access to them?

    No. We offer pockets as an option that can be added on your seat covers. We also offer pockets on the front bottoms for your convenience.

  • Is this web site secure?

    All personal information, including credit card numbers, is processed on a secure page on Your credit card number is not saved or accessible by anyone but the processor.

  • If I order a 40/20/40, what will I receive?

    If the top of your 20 Section opens, you will receive seven pieces (not including headrest covers) : covers for the two buckets on each side; the center section bottom; and the two pieces of the fold-down top. If your center section does not open, you will receive six pieces (not including headrest covers) .

  • If I order the front seat cover for my vehicle now, will I be able to order the rear seat cover later? Will they match?

    Yes, you may order one seat cover now and the other later. However, since the covers will be cut from a different roll of fabric, there is a chance that the dye lot will be slightly different. On some fabrics such as Dura EZ Care, Camouflage, Sof-Touch, and Tweed, the change is barely noticeable. Saddle Blanket is the fabric that changes the most from one shipment to another. If you want to be absolutely sure of the match, we suggest ordering all the covers at the same time.

  • The owner's manual for my vehicle says not to install seat covers because I have seat-mounted airbags. Does this mean that I cannot get custom seat covers?

    No. That warning is written in the manual solely to protect the manufacturer. Ruff Tuff modifies the seat covers for all seats with seat-mounted airbags. Either a cutout is placed in the side of the seat cover where the airbag would deploy, or a modified side panel is cut. It is extremely important that we know you have seat-mounted airbags so that proper modifications can be made.

  • How long is the warranty and return policy?

    We offer a one-year warranty and return policy. If it’s been more than a year, call us anyway. We will work with you to try to resolve any issues due to faulty stitching or craftsmanship. Remember, these are custom seat covers, specifically designed for your vehicle. Custom-made merchandise is non-refundable unless there is a defect in the construction or fabric.

  • One piece of my seat cover has been ruined. Can I order just that one piece?

    Yes. However, depending on the length of time since your original order, the dye lot may be slightly different. Please call customer service 801.972.5845 to order replacement pieces. The website does not currently offer this option.

  • How long before my seat cover ships?

    Your seat cover has to be made from scratch and then shipped to you. That process of construction will take three to four weeks. Of course, if we can ship it sooner, we absolutely will. We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the majority of our seat covers are shipped via FedEx. Depending on how far you are from us, the length of shipping time will vary. Please remember that FedEx does not work on weekends.

  • Can I have my seat covers made to go over the adjustable headrests, so that the backrest is all one piece?

    No. The adjustable headrests are designed to move up and down so that they adjust to the position of your head and neck. If they were covered over, they would not be able to be adjusted. Your safety, as well as your comfort, would be jeopardized.

  • Can I customize my seat covers by combining any two fabrics?

    Yes, other than saddle blanket, you can combine any two fabrics. Some combinations may be non-returnable though. Our customer service team will contact you if your fabric/color selections are deemed non-returnable.