Goldberg Camo

Goldberg Camo

The Goldberg Camo Collection

Ruff Tuff Products is pleased to announce the Goldberg Camo collection in partnership with Hall of Fame wrestler, actor, and car enthusiast Bill Goldberg. Only Ruff Tuff, the proud maker of America's Finest Custom Seat Covers™, now offers custom seat covers for cars, trucks, SUVs, and UTVs in three new Goldberg Camo patterns: Arctikon™, Bone N Stone™, and Jackhammer Black™.

Mix and match Goldberg Camos with other Ruff Tuff fabrics (except Saddle Blanket and Sheepskin) for personalized and distinctive seat covers. Or use Goldberg Camo as both insert and trim, for a bold look.

Goldberg Camo seat covers are tough, durable, and fit like a glove. Add options such as removable pistol pockets and our popular Special OPS Package™, which keeps your vehicle organized.

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Insert: Black Ostrich w/ Diamond Quilting; Trim: Goldberg Arctikon™

Goldberg Arctikon™

Goldberg Arctikon™ fabric is a part of the Goldberg Camo collection. The pattern is set against a white and black backdrop, evoking a chilly Arctic expedition. It features grey and brown texture marbled throughout, Bill Goldberg’s signature tribal tattoo in both large and small print, and a fierce, bone-chilling skull.

Ruff Tuff custom seat covers in Goldberg Arctikon™ are built to survive the toughest conditions. They’re water- and abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, and undeniably cool.

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Insert and Trim: Goldberg Jackhammer Black™

Goldberg Jackhammer Black™

The rugged Goldberg Jackhammer Black™ pattern is named for Bill Goldberg’s signature finishing move: The Jackhammer. With Bill Goldberg's distinctive tattoo repeated in black and speckled grey throughout, Jackhammer Black™ is powerful and commanding.

Ruff Tuff custom seat covers made with Goldberg Jackhammer Black™ defend your seats against water stains, abrasions, and dirt, for a performance that mirrors Bill Goldberg’s WWE domination.

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Insert: Black Carbon Fiber; Trim: Goldberg Bone N Stone™

Goldberg Bone N Stone™

Goldberg Bone N Stone™ fabric mixes brown, grey, and black earthy tones to conjure Paleolithic times. Bill Goldberg’s signature tattoo and fierce skulls complete the primal pattern.

Ruff Tuff custom seat covers made with Goldberg Bone N Stone™ are easy to clean and are water- and abrasion-resistant - because, though you love the primal look, you’re no cave dweller.

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