Identifying Your Vehicle

Helpful Tips

In order for Ruff Tuff to use the correct patterns to make your seat covers, we rely on you to identify your vehicle precisely.
It starts with year, make, and model.

Model Year

This is the model year of your vehicle, not necessarily the calendar year in which it was manufactured. Often vehicles are manufactured in the year prior to the model year. The best sources are usually your vehicle registration and the original purchase documents, if you bought the vehicle from a dealer. The VIN number is not a reliable indicator; nor is the owner’s manual.

Note that auto makers sometimes change vehicle features, including seats, in the middle of a model year. We may ask for photos of your seats — or specific parts of your seats — to insure that we make your seat covers correctly.

If you want a seat cover for a model year not shown on our website, please call. We can often accommodate you.

Make and Model

These are the easy ones; they’re on the vehicle itself. The VIN number, owner’s manual, vehicle registration, and original purchase documents are also helpful resources.

Trim, Submodel, Cab Type, Body Type, etc.

Our ordering system often needs to know the submodel, trim package, cab type, or other details. If it doesn’t specify any of these, they don’t affect the seat cover design. Sometimes these are easy to determine — in some cases they’re on the vehicle exterior or original purchase documents — but we may need you to send photos. Often it helps to get on the phone with one of our experts and talk through this together while you’re with the vehicle.

Original Seat Material (Leather/Cloth/Vinyl)

In some vehicles with optional seat materials, the seats themselves are slightly different, depending on the material. If we need to know the original seat material, we’ll ask in the ordering process.

Some synthetic leathers (vinyl) are easily mistaken for genuine leather, and some seats are covered partly in leather, partly in vinyl. A useful rule of thumb is, leather seats tend to come with additional options, such as power seat adjustments. If the seats adjust manually, they’re probably vinyl, if vinyl is an option. Again, we’re happy to help with any questions, and we may ask for photos.

If your seats have been reupholstered or upgraded with aftermarket leather such as Katzkin®, be sure to tell us. This may affect seat cover design.

If your seats are not original equipment, please consult with us before ordering. We may or may not be able to cover them.