Insert & Trim

Seat Cover Features

When placing an order, it’s important to know some terms. All seat covers (except Saddle Blanket) feature both insert and trim.

The insert is the center panel of the seat back and seat bottom. Its shape will vary depending on the original seat’s design. In some vehicles the insert extends all the way up to the headrest; in others it may end a few inches lower. This cannot be customized. If you have questions or concerns about the pattern for your vehicle, please call us at 800-453-8830 (US only) or 801-972-5845.

Diamond Quilting adds elegance to an insert. It’s available as an option if the insert fabric is Sof-Touch, Perforated Sof-Touch, Carbon Fiber, Velour, Tuff Suede, or Exotics (Ostrich or Croc). For Diamond-Quilted inserts we double the foam padding for superior comfort and definition.

The trim is everything that isn’t the insert, including the sides, the back, and the edges of the front. Options such as headrests, armrests, front pockets, pistol pockets, rear pockets, and the Special OPS™ Package use the trim fabric you select.

The size and placement of the insert depends on the original seat design, which varies from vehicle to vehicle.
The insert may end well below the headrest or extend up to the headrest (see images).