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Rear Installation Instructions

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The time and effort required to install Ruff Tuff seat covers varies by seat and vehicle, and our precise fit may require some patience. We send installation instructions and a helpful tool with each seat cover we ship, and we’re happy to answer questions that arise while you’re installing them. These written installation instructions are also available using the buttons to the left (above if using a mobile device).

The video on this page is a great place to start. It is the first module in our instructional installation video series, and gives you the most important information you’ll need to know before you begin your seat cover installation. If you’re ready to begin your installation, scroll down this page to find links to existing installation videos, as well as some helpful diagrams of seat cover parts. As we complete more modules of our new installation video series, they will also be listed on this page.

Our seat covers are designed to be installed without disconnecting wiring, and most are designed for installation without removing the seats. Some rear seats may need to be removed for seat cover installation.

If anything is unclear or just doesn’t fit, please email or call us at 800-453-8830 (US only) or 801-972-5845. We’ll be happy to help.

Map of Seat Cover Pieces

Bucket Seat Map of Pieces40-20-40 Seat Map of PiecesCombination Seat Map of PiecesBench Seat Map of Pieces

Some pieces (mostly Driver side) of your seat cover will be labeled with their location in the vehicle. Unlabeled pieces likely will look similar to labeled pieces, and can be assigned to the matching seat section on the opposite side of the vehicle. Use the images above to help identify where each piece belongs. Keep in mind that these drawings are just general representations, and will not match your vehicle precisely.

Pay particular attention to whether or not a piece is labeled for the Driver side of the vehicle. While in some cases a piece might fit either side, the airbag accommodations will only line up correctly if the piece has been installed on the correct seat. Pieces not specifically labeled as Driver side are likely either for center sections or the Passenger side.

Installation Instruction Videos

Ruff Tuff has created several videos to guide you through your installation. Even if your specific vehicle is not listed, watching a video may help you understand the process. You can find the full playlist here:
Ruff Tuff Products on – Ruff Tuff Installations

We are in the process of creating a new series of instructional videos, and will add links to them here as they are completed.

Please email or call us at 800-453-8830 (US only) or 801-972-5845 for help, if you have any installation questions.


Important: Do not obstruct airbag deployment when installing your seat covers. For more information, see our Airbags page and the installation instructions included with your seat covers.

Installation Services

Ruff Tuff installs seat covers for an additional fee at our factory in West Valley City, Utah (Salt Lake City area). Many of our resellers provide the same service at their locations.

To find a reseller near you, use our Reseller Store Locator.