Ordering & Policies FAQs

Answers to common questions

New at Ruff Tuff: Saddle Ostrich

Also new: Brown Ostrich and Brown Perforated Sof-Touch.

  • What do I need to know before I start an order for a custom seat cover?

    • Make, year, model, and type, i.e. Super Duty, Regular Cab, Extended Cab, etc.
    • What seat style do you have? Buckets? Split bench? 40/20/40? Be sure to look very carefully. Do not assume that you know.
    • Do you have seat-mounted air bags in the backrests or anywhere else in the seats?
    • Were the original seats cloth or leather?
    • What fabrics and colors do you want?
    • Do you want headrest covers, armrest covers and/or pockets?
    • Are these the original equipment seats?
    • Do you have levers or knobs on the driver’s side bottom? Passenger’s side bottom? Driver’s side backrest? Passenger’s side backrest? Do you have any other latches or levers that we need to know about?
    • Do your headrests move up and down or are they part of the backrest?
    • Do you have seat belts that pull directly out of the backrests?

  • How long before my seat cover ships?

    Your seat cover has to be made from scratch and then shipped to you. Currently we’re shipping most seat covers within approximately five weeks of your order. That process of construction will take three to four weeks. Of course, if we can ship it sooner, we absolutely will. We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the majority of our seat covers are shipped via FedEx. Depending on how far you are from us, the length of shipping time will vary. Please remember that FedEx does not work on weekends.

  • Is this web site secure?

    All personal information, including credit card numbers, is processed on a secure page on authorize.net. Your credit card number is not saved or accessible by anyone but the processor.

  • How long is the warranty and return policy?

    Complete information about our warranty and return policy is here.

  • If I order the front seat cover for my vehicle now, will I be able to order the rear seat cover later? Will they match?

    Yes, you may order one seat cover now and the other later. However, since the covers will be cut from a different roll of fabric, there is a chance that the dye lot will be slightly different. On some fabrics such as Dura EZ Care, Camouflage, Sof-Touch, and Tweed, the change is barely noticeable. Saddle Blanket is the fabric that changes the most from one shipment to another. If you want to be absolutely sure of the match, we suggest ordering all the covers at the same time.

  • One piece of my seat cover has been ruined. Can I order just that one piece?

    Yes. However, depending on the length of time since your original order, the dye lot may be slightly different. Please call customer service 801.972.5845 to order replacement pieces. The website does not currently offer this option.