Custom Sheepskin Seat Covers

Ride in Plush Comfort

sheepskin custom seat covers For those who desire comfort above all else, Ruff Tuff offers custom seat covers in luxurious sheepskin!

Custom made in California, these custom sheepskin seat covers stand out from other brands, due to the full coverage of the edges as well as the seating surface. Armrest, headrest, and hard console lid covers are also available, to add a finishing touch to your vehicle’s look.

The finest one-inch-thick sheepskins are meticulously selected for matching color and texture, then hand cut and sewn to a perfect contour fit by skilled craftspersons. The ultimate sheepskin vehicle seat cover comes in a variety of colors to complement your vehicle’s interior.

Some features of these seat covers include:

• Full 1-inch Australian Sheepskin Pelt
• Perfect Glove-Like Fit
• Two-Year Warranty

Details of sheepskin custom seat covers

If you’re interested in placing an order for Sheepskin Custom Seat Covers
Please call us at 800-453-8830 (US only) or 801-972-5845.