Identifying Your Seats

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 custom seat coversThe most complicated seat is the 40/20/40. It has two splits and a center section which can serve as additional seating, and may fold down as an armrest. Rear 40/20/40 seats may have an armrest which folds out when the 20 section backrest is up.

For rear 40/20/40 seats, we cover large armrests as part of the price of the seat cover.

The 20 (center) section usually offers storage, and in some vehicles we need to know details: top storage only, bottom storage only, top and bottom storage, or no storage. If we ask for this information, please check your 20 section carefully. It’s common for vehicle owners not to be aware of one of the storage options in their 20 section. For some vehicles, we’ll also need to know the number of cupholders.

At RuffTuff.com, only complete 40/20/40 covers are available. If you want to cover just the 20 section or just the 40 sections, please call.

Learn about other types of seats: Bench, Bucket, 60/40 (or 50/50).