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Kryptek Obskura Skyfall camo pattern fabric

Kryptek® Obskura™ Skyfall Has Arrived

Kryptek® has created another distinctive pattern that will transform your vehicle's interior!


Our Brand Anthem


The following video is our Brand Anthem, produced in-house by our marketing team. This video won a 2022 Telly Award for Online Commercials in the Automotive category, a highly competitive section of the Telly Awards. Above all, it provides an insight into the heart of Ruff Tuff and the people who make the brand what it is today.

This Is Ruff Tuff (October 2021)
“At the end of the day, the brand isn’t a product; it’s the people.” These words from Davina Spencer, Ruff Tuff’s owner, summarize the vision that has inspired America’s Finest Custom Seat Covers™ since 1976. Treating friends like family is how we do business. We think it’s the best way to do business.



The Many Adventures of Ruff Tuff


The following set of videos documents the adventures of Ruff Tuff over the years as well as new products we have developed and introduced. You can find all of these videos and more at our YouTube channel and across our Instagram and Facebook pages.


Ruff Tuff at the SEMA Show 2023
The SEMA Show this year was a great experience for Ruff Tuff! Our booth had a completely new look, sporting a 2023 Ford F-150 which we decked out with a different set of custom seat covers every day of the show. We also featured two of our favorites in the New Product Showcase and unveiled our newest camo fabric: Kryptek® Obskura™ Skyfall.


Football Friday at Ruff Tuff
Ruff Tuff played host to the Football Friday show with KSL Sports’ Hans Olsen along with former University of Utah football coach Ron McBride and former BYU football player and broadcaster Alema Harrington.


The Twelve Days of Flex OPS™
We managed to fit into a Flex OPS™, all at once:

12 carabiners,
11 wipes a-wiping,
10 rocks I’m keeping
9 cords a-charging
8 warmers warming
7 ropes a-tying
5 folding things
4 crosswords
3 spare pens
2 pairs of gloves
and a rifle in a soft case!

Order your Ruff Tuff Flex OPS™ package today at


Gift Certificates Available Now at Ruff Tuff
The day you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Ruff Tuff now offers electronically-delivered gift certificates, available to you within minutes of ordering. No more missing Christmas shipping deadlines or relationship-straining guess work — give the most efficient gift of all this Christmas in the form of a Ruff Tuff gift certificate!


Ruff Tuff Truck Seat Covers on 2019 Chevrolet Silverado
Jeremy Gallop of Silver Lake Adventures got the full Ruff Tuff treatment on his 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Not only did his custom seat covers come with diamond-quilted red carbon fiber inserts, he got the Ruff Tuff Special OPS™ Package on the back of his front seats which allow him to carry guns, knives, bows, and just about anything else you can think of.


Ruff Tuff UTV Seat Covers at Silver Lake Adventures
Ruff Tuff’s custom UTV seat covers are being put to the test by Silver Lake Adventures! Their rental UTVs are run up and down the sand dunes of Silver Lake, Michigan. We flew out there to install custom seat covers, protecting the original seats from the brutal conditions of life on the sand.


Ruff Tuff Toyota Tundra Seat Covers for Mark Peterson of WTA
Worldwide Trophy Adventure Owner and Chairman Mark Peterson welcomes the Ruff Tuff team out to Shelby, Michigan, to install brand new custom seat covers on his 2022 Toyota Tundra.


Made in the USA
We think it matters that we don’t do most of the work on our seat covers somewhere else in the world, then finish it in the US. We design, cut, and sew every custom seat cover here at home.

We know there are cheaper ways to make seat covers. But we don’t aspire to make cheap seat covers. Like the rest of our extended Ruff Tuff family, we’re committed to doing our best work. We think you deserve it.

Happy Made in the USA Day from all of us at Ruff Tuff.


Safari River Outfitters Welcomes Ruff Tuff to Saskatchewan
The Ruff Tuff team spent a full week with Safari River Outfitters in Saskatchewan earlier this month. About half the time was spent installing custom seat covers on their trucks and UTVs, and the rest was spent enjoying the great Canadian outdoors with Safari River’s guides and operators. It’s always great to see Ruff Tuff custom seat covers being put to regular use, with beautiful lakes, rivers, and forests as backdrops.


Ruff Tuff Custom Seat Covers Installs with R & K Hunting Co
Ruff Tuff paid a visit to R & K Hunting Co outside of Coalville, UT, last week to install custom seat covers on NINE trucks. It’s the most Ruff Tuff has done in a single day off-site. These seat covers will not only prolong the life of the interiors of these trucks, they will withstand a lot of abuse and rough usage while also providing a really good looking set of seats.


Ruff Tuff Resellers | Lobby Video
This video is a resource for Ruff Tuff resellers to use in their front lobbies.


Flex Ops™ | The Seatback Organizer for the Rest of Us
It’s already too late to order Ruff Tuff custom seat covers for delivery anywhere in the US in time for Christmas, but you can still order the new Ruff Tuff Flex OPS™ Package.


The KSL Movie Show at Ruff Tuff
Ruff Tuff hosted the KSL Movie Show last Friday, April 29th, from Ruff Tuff’s lobby in West Valley City.


Introducing the New Special Ops™ Package from Ruff Tuff
Ruff Tuff’s all-new Special Ops™ Package can carry compound bows and crossbows, along with rifles and shotguns. Available now from


Jeff Zausch Returns to Ruff Tuff!
He’s back! Jeff Zausch of “Naked and Afraid” fame made a return visit to Ruff Tuff at our factory in West Valley City, Utah, just six months after bringing his Jeep in. This time he had his 2015 Chevrolet Camaro.


Ruff Tuff Custom Seat Cover Installations
This video directs customers to several effective resources for installing custom Ruff Tuff seat covers, including downloadable guides, videos, and direct assistance from our customer service and installation specialists.


Ruff Tuff meets Veterans Charity Ride and AdventureVet in Moab, Utah
People like Dave and Sue Frey, the minds and hands behind Veterans Charity Ride and AdventureVet in Moab, Utah, are national treasures. Their work to provide Motorcycle Therapy to veterans over the years has changed many lives. Ruff Tuff is proud to call them friends, and we were honored to donate a few sets of custom seat covers for their vehicles. What a backdrop!


Ruff Tuff Production Process: Gluing, Quilting, and Sewing
This video pulls back the curtain to reveal how Ruff Tuff custom seat covers are made in our factory in West Valley City, Utah!


Ruff Tuff Production Process: Quality Control
This video pulls back the curtain to reveal how Ruff Tuff custom seat covers are made in our factory in West Valley City, Utah!


3 Ways to Order Ruff Tuff Custom Seat Covers
This video details the three ways you can order Ruff Tuff custom seat covers.


Pi Day Pi-jinks at Ruff Tuff
At Ruff Tuff, we celebrate Pi Day by demonstrating just how well our custom seat covers can be cleaned to look like new again — even after a catastrophic mess like this.


Ruff Tuff Seat Covers for Corey Jacobsen of Elk101 and Destination Elk
Corey Jacobsen of Elk101 and Destination Elk talks about his brand new Ruff Tuff custom seat covers for his 2014 Ford F-150.


Ruff Tuff Custom Seat Cover Installation on Elk101 2014 Ford F-150
This was a fun trip for the Ruff Tuff team! We had the great opportunity to meet with Corey Jacobsen of and Destination Elk out in Donnelly, Idaho, and install brand new custom seat covers on his 2014 Ford F-150. The best part of the trip was Corey’s reaction to seeing his new seat covers.


Ruff Tuff and Bill Goldberg
Ruff Tuff owner Davina Spencer and CEO Mark Maines describe the business relationship they’ve developed with Bill Goldberg.


Bill Goldberg UTV Custom Seat Covers by Ruff Tuff
Bill Goldberg gets a rundown on his brand new custom UTV seat covers from Ruff Tuff CEO Mark Maines.


Bill Goldberg Arctikon™ Custom Seat Covers by Ruff Tuff
Ruff Tuff CEO Mark Maines gives Bill Goldberg a tour of his newly-installed Goldberg Arctikon™ custom seat covers in his 2016 Dodge Challenger.


Bill Goldberg Shows Off His Camo UTV Seats by Ruff Tuff
Our friend Bill Goldberg invited us to his house to show off his new UTV seat covers. Thanks, Bill!


How to Clean Ruff Tuff Seat Covers with Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson made us a video about cleaning his seat covers. Thanks again, Mark!



You can find all of these videos and more at our YouTube channel and across our Instagram and Facebook pages.