Headrest Covers

If your seats have separate, adjustable headrests, headrest covers are available as an option, but are not included in the price of the seat cover. Pricing of headrest covers depends on the number of headrests on the seat row.

Active Headrests

Some newer vehicles have active headrests, a safety feature, with electrical wires running to them, making them non-removable. We can cover active headrests, but they require a different pattern. Be sure to tell us if you have them.

If you’re not sure whether you have active headrests, look at the back of the headrests. Most active headrests have hard plastic on the back (see image). Feel free to call Ruff Tuff for further help.

Video Display

In most cases we can cover headrests with a video display in the headrest itself (see image). Again, be sure to tell us, so we can make the correct cover.

Methods of attaching headrest covers vary with headrest design. We may use Velcro and/or elastic, as necessary, to hold the cover firmly in place.

If you remove headrests when installing your seat covers, be sure to replace them for your own safety.