Fabrics FAQs

Answers to common questions

Sheepskin custom seat covers

Sheepskin Custom Seat Covers

Ruff Tuff sells custom seat covers made with genuine sheepskin! Available in 11 colors.

  • I’m not sure what fabric or colors I want. What should I do?

    Please email us the fabrics that interest you. We will be happy to send samples. Remember that all computer monitors are adjusted differently, so actual colors may vary. If you’re unsure about a color or fabric, please request a sample.

  • Are OEM fabrics available?

    OEM fabrics are the fabrics on your seats when you buy from a dealer. We do not offer these fabrics. We do, however, have a very wide selection of fabrics and colors that should meet your needs and taste.

  • Can I customize my seat covers by combining any two fabrics?

    Yes, other than saddle blanket, you can combine any two fabrics. Some combinations may be non-returnable though. Our customer service team will contact you if your fabric/color selections are deemed non-returnable.

  • What is the best fabric for pets?

    Dura EZ Care and the camouflage materials are made from canvas-type material. Claws will not scratch this material and it can be cleaned with a mild cleanser. Carbon Fiber and Sof-Touch are both very high quality vinyl. They clean easily with a damp cloth.

  • What is the best fabric for kids?

    If you like the feel of leather, go with the Sof-Touch. It cleans easily with a damp cloth. If you prefer cloth, try Dura EZ Care or Camo. Carbon Fiber is another good option.