Controls & Comfort

Identifying Your Seats

Seat Controls

Ruff Tuff seat covers accommodate manual and electric (power) seat adjustments, including lumbar adjustments. If your vehicle model has options, we will ask for details. Note that in some vehicles the driver and passenger seats have different controls. We’re happy to help you match our seat descriptions to your seat’s controls, and we may ask for photos.

Courtesy Lights

Some seats that fold upward include a courtesy light on the underside to illuminate the cargo area. Please tell us if your vehicle includes this option.

DVD Systems

Please let us know if your backrests or headrests have video screens or players installed. We can usually accommodate these, especially if they are original equipment.

Heated & Cooled Seats

Ruff Tuff seat covers affect the performance of heated and cooled seats. In heated seats the impact is minimal. In cooled (air-conditioned) seats, airflow is restricted, but some of the cooling effect is preserved.