Special OPS™ Package

A New & Improved Storage Solution

Special Ops Package on custom seat covers

New Design Holds Even More!

We’ve redesigned our popular Ruff Tuff Special OPS™ (Outdoor Pocket System) Package to add even more features.

Sewn onto the back of a front row seat cover, each side has two scabbard-style pockets which open on both ends for storing long items like fishing rods, surveying equipment, tools, and firearms. Velcro allows them to be closed on the sides and used as individual pockets. NEW FEATURE: These pockets are tall enough to accommodate most soft gun cases, allowing transport of a firearm in a case as required by some local and state laws.

The addition of more pockets and straps has made possible our next NEW FEATURE: Transport of compound bows or crossbows. A wide open-topped pocket on the bottom holds the cam and limb of a compound bow, or a special fold-out pouch rolls down from behind the top pocket to hold the butt of a crossbow. An adjustable strap along the top secures either style of bow to the seat back.


Special Ops Package on custom seat coversSpecial Ops Package on custom seat covers

Each side also has two conventional pockets with Velcro flaps, and three rows of MOLLE webbing to accommodate aftermarket pockets and accessories. Above the MOLLE webbing is another NEW FEATURE: A 2-inch strip of Velcro (loop side only) for attaching patches or other items using the hook side.

The Special OPS™ Package is only made from either our Dura EZ-Care or Camo fabrics. If your seat covers will not use either of these fabric types for their trim, we can still include the Special OPS™ on most covers by replacing the back panel with Dura EZ-Care in the closest coordinating color we have. If you’d like more information about what fabric might pair with your trim choice or if you’d like to receive samples, please include a request with your order or give us a call. We are unable to include the Special OPS™ Package on Saddle Blanket seat covers.

The Special OPS™ Package is available for front seats in most vehicles, except UTVs. It cannot be combined with optional rear fabric pockets.


See the full instructions for using the features of the Special OPS™ Package here:
Special OPS™ How-To Guide

Flex OPS™: For seats with adjustable headrests, the same system of organization and storage is available as a separate product, the Flex OPS™ , with no seat cover purchase required.
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