Scented Seat Covers

A Sensory Experience

Here at Ruff Tuff, we're always striving to enhance your vehicle's interior. Our scientists and engineers have developed a level of customization that, until now, has been completely overlooked by seat cover manufacturers - your vehicle's scent!

It began with a simple observation: customers who choose seat covers to help their vehicle interior look new again are still missing that new car smell inside. Our scientists started there and expanded into other scent options to delight a wide range of tastes and interests.

Scents for Every Taste

We've considered the preferences of a wide cross-section of vehicle owners. Hunters, businessmen, chefs, parents, rodeo clowns, or farmers -- everyone is sure to find a scent that fits their idea of the ideal transportation experience.

Here are just a few of the amazing scent options you can choose for your seat covers:

  • New Car Smell
  • Leather
  • Tropic Breeze
  • Lavender & Vanilla
  • Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Tofu
  • Burning Pine
  • Crayon
  • Fresh Linen
  • Sand

Ordering seat covers for multiple rows of seats in your car also affords you the opportunity to mix and match scents! Here are some great scent combinations we think you'll love:
  • Chaotic Christmas (Burning Pine plus Cinnamon Spice)
  • Melting Medley (Hot Fudge Sundae plus Crayon)
  • Delicious Drive (Tofu plus Boiled Cabbage)
  • Mysterious Stranger (Leather plus Black Licorice)

Long-Lasting, Easy To Use

Scented Seat Covers are an experience designed to last. Most scents should be detectable for 3 to 5 years! This means you and your loved ones can look forward to the same great scent, ride after ride.

We know you may have questions about this groundbreaking new product. Here are some of the questions we've received so far:

What should I do if the scent fades? Can I add essential oils?
We do NOT recommend adding essential oils or any other chemical substance to the seat covers, to avoid chemical reactions with the scent infusion added at the factory. Scent Booster Spray can be ordered separately from Ruff Tuff, to enhance the fading scent of your seat covers.

I've decided I don't want this stink in my car anymore, it's giving me a headache. How do I get rid of it?
We're proud to say that our scientists have developed a very persistent scent-generating technology, which will not rinse or wash out even with strong detergents. Attempting to wash away the scent may result in damage to the seat covers themselves. We recommend allowing the scent to fade naturally with time.

Then what do I do about the headaches?
The lovely aromas of our seat covers may be too intense for some individuals when they are brand new. We recommend operating the vehicle with all windows open after the initial installation. Some users have also received beneficial results from leaving the windows open while the vehicle is parked, and directing fans inwards to help air things out. Especially sensitive owners may need to wear respiratory filters (P100 or better) while in the vehicle.

I love to ride around with my dog. Are these scented seat covers pet-friendly?
Our regular line of seat cover scents is perfectly safe for pets. However, if you'd like to pick something out specifically with your furry friend in mind, consider one of our special scents for animals: Squirrel, Tennis Ball, Sardine, Catnip, and more!

Will I smell like my seats after I get out of the car?
Yes! Now you and those around you can enjoy your chosen scent wherever you go. When the seat covers are new, you may even still be able to smell them on yourself and your clothing after washing multiple times. As the seat covers age and their scent begins to fade, you may have to roll around on the seats a little to retain the scent after leaving the vehicle.

2020 Kia Forte custom seat covers

Unscented Seat Covers

If you're not quite sold on Scented Seat Covers yet, for whatever reason, Ruff Tuff still proudly sells America's Finest Custom Seat Covers™ in an unscented version. Durable materials, custom-sewn in the USA for the perfect fit on your seats -- there's no substitute!

Click below to choose the fabric combination you'd like for your car, truck, SUV, or UTV.

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